What is Branded Design Standards? 

Branded guidelines are important to have with any size business. It is also referred to as Brand Management. The Branded Design Standards is a document that spells out guidelines for how the brand identity is to be used. This is a breakdown to the exact print PMS colors (Pantone Matching System), how the logo can be used, where the logo can be used, what images can be used with the branded design and so much more. 

Why is a Branded Design Standards manual important?

If the business or organization uses any 3rd party printer, designer, marketing firm outside of the organization, handing them a standard manual will help keep all design look and feel consistency across all vendors. For example, the branded logo can have red in it. Red can be so many different shades and create an inconsistency over several outside vendors. But if the red is specified as a Pantone 485 for print, or a CMYK breakout of 6, 79, 69, 1 or a RGB breakout of 228, 91, 80 or a web HEX color of #e45b50 then there is no room left for individual interpretation of what “red” should be. As you can see the Pantone 485 RED is different from the default RED in WordPress.

RED. RED. RED. RED. RED. Being as specific as possible will help maintain good brand management. 

Every important guideline and detail about the identity usage is outlined in a Branded Design Standards manual. So, when working with a vendor outside your business or organization, a Branded Design Standards manual will ensure quality and cohesive design throughout vendors. 

If you are interested in having a Branded Design Standards manual created, please let us know when the job is being quoted. 

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