This awesome domain is now secured for this awesome business, group or organization and the email is a free web account that doesn’t support your business identity. While that is understandable to use because free is also awesome, taking your identity to the next level is setting up a domain based email. For example, Holly is my name and is the business domain. So therefore is my domain based email. I won’t lie I have a free web account for “business junk” email, absolutely worth doing so long as it is checked on a regular basis. 

If the email needs to be “generic” to a function or department these are also very common to have: office@, events@, accounting@, shipping@, info@, sales@ (and so on…) A benefit to a more generic email than a particular name is if the position has multiple shifts of people that can access the same account or if there is an intern or a temporary employee, establishing a less specific email by not using their direct name will save money and transfer hassles in the long run.  

Having a domain based email is that “next step level” for good brand management and marketing. The suggested email to use would be to subscribe to the Google GSuite services. It is NOT a hard process to do, but it does require some degree of knowledge. All in all, it is worth it in the end. With Google GSuites there is a calendar, video MEETS, cloud storage and so much more. Learn more about Google GSuite (now called Google Workspace). HolleHock Designs can navigate the Google waters for you and get this set up and going!

Other Google services training is also available.

This Google email service is a monthly charge that can be paid a year in advance. At this time, this is $6.00 per email address, per month. This can be set up with the user’s payment information to maintain the account should that be desired. 

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