Why are there two different processes listed?
Because we take two steps in our website process!

Website Design
First we DESIGN your site. We use the hosted WordPress platform to start off the website with. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that offers front end design with back end edit ability. An assessment of needs and functions for the site being built is gathered first. Based on that, a template is chosen. Then the template is customized with the logo, colors and installs all the needed plug-in options. We also have access to stock photography and can use any images you provide to us. Please visit our “Terms & Conditions” page to understand about images that may be provided.

Website Development
After the design has been established we will work to DEVELOP your website. This includes developing the pages, place in the content and images and developing the navigation. The development stage also sets up all of the SEO functions, form submission function and protection functions. Every site has a basic firewall installed along with additional protective plug-ins to configure. Back up plug-ins are also set up and configured for automatic back-ups to cloud based storage. If needed, a blog is developed along with the configurations for connecting the blog to other social media outlets. If requested, we also ensure to have the site set up with ADA compliance guidelines. This development stage takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours per page. Time may vary based on options and development needed.

Websites are optimized for all browsers, workstations, laptops, mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The format will be dynamic depending on what electronic tool is being used.

Also during the development stage, if requested, a SSL Certificate (Socket Security Layer) can be installed as well. SSL Certificates are a yearly reoccurring expense. SSL Certificates aid in the SEO process. SSLs are also needed if sensitive data is being collected or a shopping cart is being used that doesn’t use a third-party secured payment gateway. 

When developing a website we need copy/content to be provided to us within the body of an e-mail or within a text editing or Word document. We can use any images you provide to us, take pictures or purchase stock photography. Please visit our “Terms & Conditions” page to understand about copy and images that may be provided.

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