There are many ways to market your product or service! Social Networks, websites, email blasts, newsletters and blogs are all effective and reasonable way to market your product or service, but don’t forget about Direct Target Marketing.

Target Marketing is the ability to sell to a person, in person by advertising directly to them. Put your information out there to be seen. Directly advertise your company name, product/service, social links, your logo on a business card, your car, the window of your office or even on your apparel Directly put your information out there to be seen! Many methods of marketing allow the customer to find you…but with direct marketing you advertise to them.

Additional options are to sponsor a local team or organization, place an ad in a trade magazine or program that your target audience will notice, or even invest in time with a digital billboard.

That brings to Target Marketing. Your unique product or service may not be for everybody, at every age, or need/interest. Target who your prospective customers/clients are and find ways to market to that niche.

Trade shows,benefits, booths a festival or event are also great marketing opportunities. Promotional products are needed to give as hand outs and trade show banners may help you stand out and be seen.

HolleHock Designs can assist with brain storming, contacting, designing, producing and implementing these marketing techniques.

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