Maintaining your website in WordPress is like riding a bike, once you learn how, it’s easy! (but wear a helmet!)

While HolleHock Designs does offer website maintenance, some will want to learn how to edit or maintain their own WordPress website. And that is perfectly A-Okay! With proper training, WordPress editing and maintenance can be fun. 

We typically train in 2 sessions. While WordPress maintenance is not rocket science, it also has a lot of details to it. The first session is an introduction to the back-end dashboard, plug ins, template structure and what is what and some basic editing training. Then you go and explore on your own, gather questions and bring them to the next session. The next session goes into more details on making edits, adding pages, creating blogs and more. If you are a seasoned WordPress user and just need the lowdown of your new site, then only 1 session is needed!

We will also train as many as are needed. It is suggested that AT LEAST TWO people, if possible, attend the training. The training is invoiced for time, not for amount of individuals. Two is suggested so if something is missed by one, the other may catch it. Also, if there are at least two, there is a back up already in place. At this time we are training as ZOOM or MEETS calls, so as many as needed may attend. 

To give an analogy, there is patience and understanding for a 12 ounce cup of knowledge. If that cup gets overfilled, some of the new knowledge may not stay. We don’t want to overfill you cup. Over the years we found that 2 sessions is perfect cup filling of knowledge each time for that new WordPress user to ensure that the information is retained and able to be used. But don’t worry, if something is forgotten or has changed, we are here to help you back on the WordPress bike so you can keep going! Just give us a holler! 

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