Your New Home Office

Your New Home Office

Are you sick of hearing “the new normal” yet? Well, there is something to be said about how life has changed in the last 10 months, that is for sure. 2020 certainly gave us our challenges, our disappointments, our sadness and perhaps even a few joys in-between the rain clouds of chaos and boring days of Neflix binge watching. We certainly can say we are sick of the words “quarantine, unprecedented, social distance, 6 feet and toilet paper shortage”. 

Many were able to work from home and new challenges arose. Or even harder yet, some still had to leave the home to work but their children were being remotely educated. SO many new challenges and creative solutions to meet the demanding needs of how life was becoming. We learned about Zoom, Teams, Meets and other conferencing services. Strong internet connections became even more important that they ever were before. And the memes that were generated about homeschooling were really spot on accurate (and funny). The fall of so many local AND chain businesses but the birth of many new ideas from others to try and make ends meet. We learned how strong we can be, and how strong we are not. The reflection on this year was quite a long list of both the good and the not so good. 

So let us talk about the good. We all know all too well about the bad. 

I have worked from a home office for over 15 years now, and while most of “this” in not new to me, the lack of social mobility and restrictions is so very new. But, the kids being home ALL the time, was the new part to all of this. I have a Junior in high school and a Freshman in college. Both at home doing full remote learning. So how does that effect how I do my day? I am lucky, it really does not really aside of the fact I have also added lunch lady, principal, study hall supervisor and PE teacher to my list of already demanding daily tasks and the kitchen has turned into a 24 hour diner. In comparison to others, I know I have it easy.

So what was the good I promised to talk about? I have helped so many others help build their hobbies, their ideas, and their starter businesses this year because they have had the time. One client, Matt Eggenberger, started to make wallets made from baseball gloves and started an Etsy store. I asked what prompted this, he said he had the time and always wanted to do this. So I encourage you to visit: Another client finally had the time to work on a website redesign that normally he was too busy to stop and slow down to do. So many people have taken this time to expand their hobbies, interests and ambitions to do “something else” to help either make ends meet or help give the empty time more purpose. 

So does the new “home office” look like? Well sometimes it is in the front room on the couch, sometimes It is at the desk in the office, other times it is at the kitchen table while helping generate ideas for a term paper. On good days I can be outside so long as the WiFi is strong enough. (modern day issues, I know). But every day I wake up with drive and ambition to make the most out of each day, but have learned to “go with the flow” because that seems to be what it takes to keep sanity at its best.  Whatever YOUR new “home office” normal is…if you have a hobby that may be a dream business or a thought that may change into income, or a current business that you want to bring up a notch, reach out, because I get it. I can say I love what I do, I love helping others and I love encouraging and taking those hopes, hobbies and dreams to the next level. 

My dad would always tell me” Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today!”. 

~Holly Johnson, Owner 

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